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2009.04.22 11:53

Buy now! Only $0.99!

Change Your iPod's Mobile Safari into Opera, Firefox Browser and so on in Fake Web Browser!

You can change User Agent string in Fake Web Browser's "I'm ..." setting.

* Note : User Agent string changed is valid in ONLY Fake Web Browser.

* Reference : Mobile Browser ID (User-Agent) Strings

* For Japan Users
Refer to

* For Korean Users
예) Setting -> I'm -> "Opera/9.5 ..." 를 선택하시면, 접속이 가능합니다.


* Feature

- Full Screen (320 x 480)
  : You can hide the address bar & menu and use the full screen. If you need the menu, shake iPhone or touch the icon area of right-bottom.
  : You can hide the icons on full screen.

- Rotation (Landscape/Portrait mode)
  : You can rotate the screen by touching rotate button easily without auto-rotation.
  : Really Useful in Bed !!!

- Shortcut : You can specify the URL and go to the URL by three shortcuts.

- Open New Page Link
  : You can decide whether you will open a link which requires new window on web browser.
(Note that some web links may not be opened. But If you set this option, you can explore more web pages than other third-party browser)

- Bookmark
  : You can add current page to bookmark.
  : You can edit the title & url of a bookmarks.
  : You can reorder the bookmarks.

- Open in Safari, Send Email (Title, URL) in Current Page

- Various Options
  : Cookie Clear Option
  : Open Last Page on Start

* Recommendation to owners of
Wide Web Browser, Simple Browser , Full Screen Web Browser , FullBrowser , iBlueAngel - Magic Web Browser , WebMate: Tabbbed Browser , Incognito, BOLT

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