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2009.03.23 00:33

Picturesque is a simple application which enables you to create composite images on your iPhone and iPod touch.

Select foreground and background images, and make strokes with your finger as a brush to make composite images.
Especially, you can fill background with a color of your choice to create something different from normal images.
Picturesque application already provides 20 beautiful images for user convenience.


* Features

1. Choose from 3 different brushes with size adjustment function
2. 20 beautiful background images.
3. Fill background with a color of your choice.


* Tutorial

1. Select your foreground image from your photo album.
2. Select your background image or background color.
3. Make strokes with your finger as a brush to make composite images. (At the beggining, foreground image does not show, because it is behind the background image. If you want to look at the foreground image, click button on the bottom right to view the foregrond image as semi-transparent. When start brushing, semi-transparent foreground image disappears as foreground image starts to show on brushed areas. Use of various brush types make different foreground images.) 
4. For undoing, select eraser on the bottom and make strokes.
5. For resetting all your work, click reset button on the bottom left.
6. After finishing work, save your image by clicking save button on the upper right.

* Notice

If you have a problem with "Take snapshot" function, please reboot your iPhone.

"Take snapshot" function is not supported for iPod Touch.

* Recommendation to owners of

ColorSplash , Photo fx , Photogene , Juxtaposer , Lifecards

'stachetastic ,  iSwap Faces , Magic Touch , Face Melter , PhotoPaper

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